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Start off with the best roots possible!
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Start off with the best roots possible!
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Cleaning Between Uses

Cleaning between uses Your system requires proper care between uses for it to function at its peak performance. Once you have a successful cloning cycle simply empty the water from the reservoir.  You can use bleach and water to simply clean out your system.  Make sure to remove all the cuttings, pumps, misters, cloning collars, and water.  You will then be able to fill up your reservoir with fresh water and add bleach with the specified ratio.  Make sure you have all the debris cleaned out of your misters. Once you have all the debris cleaned you can now put your misters in a cup of bleach water taken from your reservoir as well. You can allow all of this to soak for 20 minutes.  Place your cloning collars in a five-gallon bucket filled with fresh water and add one cup of bleach.  To help keep your cloning collars submerged place a bucket with holes inside the previously filled bucket.  This is only necessary if you are reusing your cloning collars. You can place your pump without the misters back to the center of the reservoir.  Cycle the pump for at least 20 minutes with the bleach water solution to insure everything is getting properly cleaned.  Once it has been going for 20 minutes you need to do the same thing with fresh water to make sure there is no bleach in the system.  Make sure to rinse the mister thoroughly with fresh water.  Once you have cleaned your system you are ready to start your next cycle.   Specified Bleach Ratio For general cleaning with bleach, use a ratio of 1/4 cup of bleach per gallon of water, or one tablespoon for a quart.  That is a 1 to 68 ratio - not very much.  Mix bleach with water and then dip a clean cleaning cloth in it, wring out the excess, and wipe down hard surfaces.


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