Grow Hack
Start off with the best roots possible!
Grow Hack
Start off with the best roots possible!
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Supplemental Grow Lights

Lighting When dealing with hydroponic systems, these systems need to be placed where there is not any access to direct sun light at any time of the day.  Since the system does not require sunlight it does require supplemental grow lights.  The preferred lighting when starting out from roots is 105-watt 6500 kelvin light bulbs and should be about 8-12 inches from the root.  Moving on to the vegetative state the lighting needs to be a 400-600-watt 5000 kelvin light bulb and should be about 4-5 feet from the plants to allow them to grow.  The next step is the bloom state, which requires your lighting system to be at a 1100-watt 4700 kelvin light bulb. Make sure to put your lighting system on a timer so that the lights come on and go off at the same time each day.  This allows for consistency when starting the growing process.


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