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Start off with the best roots possible!
Grow Hack
Start off with the best roots possible!
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Transplanting When you see the emergence of more secondary roots and root hairs is a sure sign that your cuttings are developed enough to handle life outside of the cloning machine.  If you're not quite ready though, don't worry; the cuttings will be quite happy to bathe in their nutrient mist for days, even weeks if required!  Just be sure to change out the nutrients once a week and keep an eye on pH levels.  If roots become very long you can always trim them -they won't mind!           A net pot is an ideal next stage for an aeroponic cutting.  This gives you a chance to establish your cutting in the growth media of your choice.  One common question about aeroponic clones is how to handle transplanting them into a pot of loose-fill media or hydroponic system. For instance, there is a common myth that aeroponic clones don't do well in soil or coco coir.   This is simply not the case; you just need to take care.  Ensure your chosen media is at room temperature and fairly moist.  Also, remember roots hate light, so be kind to your cuttings and transplant them away from bright lights.  Partially fill the pot with media, make a hole just big enough to insert the rooted cutting, and gently back fill around it so all the roots are covered and your cutting is well supported.  They will need a few days to adjust, so try to keep them under the same lighting for a bit.  Ease them in gently under a 6500K T5 fluorescent or a 250W grow light.


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